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Will Conversion.ai Work With WordPress Sites?

Yes, Conversion.ai will work with WordPress websites. While there is no direct integration with WordPress, the content created by Conversion AI, especially when formatted in just the right way, will save you time publishing new

What is Conversion AI?

Founded in Austin, Texas: Conversion.ai is a web-based GPT-3 AI writing tool developed by a small team of copywriters and marketing professionals that have revolutionized the way marketing copy is written. Their AI, code name ‘Jarvis,”

Advanced ShortlyAI: Granular Control of GPT-3 AI Output

/instruct [Write a witty introduction to an article about the new granular controls in ShortlyAI. ++outstanding ++fundamental] Did you catch those ++ signs? What the heck are those!? They’re part of a new advanced feature

ShortlyAI: Getting Started Guide

Welcome, if you’re reading this, you’ve either just purchased ShortlyAI and are looking to get the most out of it — or you’re thinking about buying Shortly. Either way, in this quick guide, I want