How to Find Topic Ideas Using Chibi AI

Chibi AI is a writing tool... but with some cool abilities to help you drum up topics to write about in your niche. The really nice thing is Chibi's ideas often subtly add dimension to your writing. By that I mean you're no longer driven by a keyword tool to figure out what to write about.

Don't get me wrong, those tools can have their place in your workflow too -- but sometimes you want a fresh perspective, and Chibi can give you that -- really fast.

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Ask Chibi for Headlines

I know what you're thinking. "Headlines? Really? I thought you were talking about content ideas?" Mhmm... I am. The way Chibi comes up with headline ideas gives you some extraordinarily nice results to consider.

And perhaps the best part about it is you simply click a button. Under article mode, you'll see a "headlines" formula button. Put your cursor inside your document where you want Chibi to put the headlines -- then click the "headlines" button.

Yes, it is as easy as that. Here's an example of some headline ideas dreamed up by Chibi for the topic "Govee RGB Lamp"

  • Reasons to Buy an LED Lamp for Your Next Renovation
  • Why People Love Govee Lamps
  • Hybrid LED Floodlights for Outdoor Use
  • The Price Tag of LED Lamps Is Going Down

Not bad. I bet you can imagine a few content ideas from them. Now, let's move to another tool inside Chibi.

Let Chibi Ask Questions About Your Content

This one is interesting. There are two places in Chibi AI where you can find a "question" formula button, and they both produce different results. One is under the article more, the other in persona mode.

Article mode's questions button will give you the typical sort of questions you might find in an FAQ or things you'd want to answer for a topic your article is about.

Persona mode's questions, however, are designed to be more about delving into a persona story. To discover more about your target reader. But, if you use this on regular articles it has some interesting results. For example:

  • How many people in the world have an LED lamp?
  • What is the main design feature of RGB lamps?
  • What is RGB lighting good for?
  • Why do LED lamps look so pretty?
  • Why are RGB lamps better than CFL lamps?
  • What are the capacitative and conductive core differences of RGB lamps?

Use Chibi's "Content Ideas" Tool

Finally, there's one more way Chibi can help you out of your content rut. His very own "content ideas" tool. Originally created for persona stories, where Chibi would extract content ideas from your reader persona's life... this works on the typical blog post-like content you might be working on too.

As with the other ideas, put the cursor inside the document where you want the content ideas to appear and then switch to persona mode and tap the "content ideas" button. You'll get something like this:

  • Write about the advantages of living ‘green' by using less electricity and using a light source that saves money on both energy and cost
  • Write about the benefits of owning an RGB lamp
  • Write about how RGB lamps are wonderful, energy saving additions to homes and businesses
  • Write about how RGB lamps are the new trend and are amazing additions to home decor today

The Seed is Where the Magic Happens

In Chibi AI you should be starting every document with a high-quality seed. This will give Chibi the context he needs to come up with excellent topic ideas for you to write about.

For example, "here are five things to write about Tokyo." When you ask the AI assistant to right after that prompt, chances are good it'll start writing a list of five things to write about Tokyo.

However, if it does not then you can start a new line with the number 1. to give another hint what you want is a list.

Getting what you want from AI is a skill

Getting what you want from an AI assistant like Chibi AI is a skill. Results will vary depending on your voice, the keywords you like to use, the topic that you're writing about, and probably 1,000 or more other things.

Take your time to get used to asking your assistant for things in the right ways to get the output you want. Once you gain the skill you'll become very efficient in your writing.