The Seed, the Lead, and the Topic

Chibi AI is a fantastic little AI writing assistant. The seed, lead, and topic all cooperate to produce amazing results. The better you understand this the better Chibi will help you craft fantastic, high-quality articles, quickly.

The seed is 3-5 quality sentences you write at the beginning of your document describing the content you wish to write about. This will give Chibi enough context to better understand the content you wish to produce and the keywords and phrases relevant to the topic or niche you wish to write about.

The lead is a fragment of a sentence where you start writing and somewhere in the middle let Chibi take over. The lead is important because this is where we give Chibi direction and guide it. After your lead, you leave the writing to Chibi. He will insert the right words to fit your topic, voice, and complete the lead into your article, and structure it nicely.

This is the best part about working with Chibi. This "AI dance" means you act as the writer and Chibi your partner -- working together to complete the article. This dance means you'll end up with content that adds value to your brand, is comfortable for the readers of your site, and can rank well in search engines (assuming you are solving an issue that is regularly searched).

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