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Frase: Your AI SEO Research Assistant

Frase is an AI tool that collects the research on your topic into one easy place for you to study before writing your articles; saving you an insane amount of time. But that's not all -- it then prioritizes the topics you'll need in your article for SEO purposes -- based on what Google believes is the search intent for the query you're targeting.

And helps you fill content gaps compared to your top competitors. Win-win-win. Win's all around.

I arranged a special discount for Frase. Use the code "dojodiscount" (all lowercase) to take 25% off your first 3-months.

Dear reader, if you purchase Frase using the button above, Frase will give me a small commission to help support the AI Content Dojo — at no extra cost to you. Thank you! 🙏

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