How to Use Chibi AI to Write Semi-Optimized SEO Content

As technology develops and AI breaks new ground, we can take advantage of it to greatly increase our writing creativity and efficiency. But not only do we need to write fast to stay competitive, but we need it to answer the reader's intent, and also be found in Google too.

Normally SEO optimization would be a task completed mostly after the writing has been done; in this guide, we'll explore how we might use Chibi AI to create SEO-optimized content. Or, at the very least, better optimized than we had in the past (saving us time in the SEO step).

Chibi AI's Topic Box

We're going to take advantage of Chibi AI's topic box combined with Frase's excellent research capabilities. I think you can probably guess where this is headed next.

First, Find Highly Relevant Keywords in Frase

First, we jump over into Frase to take advantage of their AI's ability to find highly related keywords for our topic. The coolest part is they make this so easy.

  1. Log into Frase
  2. Create a new document using your topic ("cast iron skillet" for example)
  3. Click SERP "Let's Go" button
  4. Check the "optimize" tab for related words
    3b. Use the long tail first, then top topics

When picking the keywords, try to pick ones that you can imagine Chibi can actually use in the output of your request. This is hard to explain, but over time you'll see what I mean. Some keyword combinations don't form a good topic for Chibi to follow. If you recall from the seed, lead, and topic guide, think "write about [topic]" and make sure the topical keywords from Frase fit into that mold.

With our list of related keywords from Frase, we head back over to Chibi Ai.

Use the Relevant Keywords to Feed Chibi

I told you -- you probably knew where this was going a mile back. All you do now is use the keywords you researched in Frase inside of Chibi's topic box. From there Chibi will stay more relevant and helpful to reach your SEO goals.

Though I recommend sometimes using the keywords in your leads to add variety.

Not Perfectly Optimized

Of course, this will only get you part of the way there, but it's better than nothing. Once you're done writing, you'll want to copy the draft from Chibi AI over into Frase to try for a 90%+ topic score (you don't have to attain it, just as close as you can).

And honestly, if you've focused on the reader's intent and delivered exactly what they need from your writing -- this small bit of SEO optimization is all you need. All you do next is edit and publish, but that's for another guide.

Potentially Better AI Results

No AI Content Dojo guide would be complete without pointing out some extra synergies you might not have expected. When using these topic-rich keywords with Chibi, you're not only improving the chances of the results being more SEO optimized -- but Chibi's writing assistance will likely be of higher quality too!

This is because when supplying information to Chibi the added context gives him better clues — guiding him toward producing something more relevant to your topic and thus more likely to match your expectations. You get both better content and SEO optimized to a degree.

Win-win right?


Hopefully, you've learned about a smart way to use the topic box in Chibi AI to achieve a more SEO optimized result. Bonus tip -- pay attention to the inputs being used. If they are vague or don't provide enough context, then you should spruce them up.

What better way to spruce them up than to use topic-rich keywords from Frase?