How Does Frase Help Write For SEO?

You create great content for your audience to read, but are you optimizing it for search engines? Success online often means generating a lot of organic traffic to aid your content marketing efforts. To rank on the first page of Google, you must ensure that your content is fantastic for your reader and also tuned for search engines. You can do this with Frase.

Frase is an AI-powered SEO tool helping you optimize your content to rank better in Google and discuss your topic better as you write (it's not a keyword research tool). It’s never been easier to write optimized blog posts for your website.

If you’re serious about creating optimized content that successfully ranks for competitive keywords and phrases, you should be leveraging Frase with Chibi AI to achieve great things.

With the support of Frase, it’s never been easier to create and optimize your content for SEO (the search queries your reader will use). This is because Frase has an AI-powered system that can generate optimized content for you dynamically without any training.

In a nutshell, a fantastic workflow is to use Frase to research the topic and find related keywords -- then use Chibi AI to write using them. Even though Frase has its own AI writing capability, writing with Chibi AI is unmatched -- and is a better writing experience overall.

Then use Frase's AI SEO optimization tools to make sure you're hitting all the topics Google expects to see for the search term you expect your reader to use to find your article.

Finally, edit in Grammarly, do some plagiarism checks, and publish.

Writer's can focus on their creativity, work on SEO later.

At the same time, it will give you feedback about how well your content is optimized to help improve your writing style since it speaks with technology that understands the meaning of every word in the English language.

This way, writers can focus on their creativity and use this tool to optimize for SEO later.

From building outlines to crafting content briefs, Frase helps you write engaging copy customized to its audience. And this is what makes it different from other apps out there.

This AI tool isn’t just an AI assistant helping you with your content but also an SEO tool helping you learn how to optimize your posts for better rankings. Frase’s AI technology is improving itself through web intelligence, which means that its algorithm learns more about the meaning of words in the English language.

SEO is no longer something that requires you to spend countless hours in front of your screen. Frase helps you write engaging content through its AI-powered technology that understands the meaning of every word in the English language; lets you focus on your creativity when using it.

Easy Frase Workflow

Step 1: Write your content - let Chibi AI help you craft quality content quickly and easily. 
Step 2: Add keywords - Frase will find the right keywords for you to rank better in search engines. 
Step 3: Edit and review your draft article
Step 4: Publish

Frase really does make it that easy!