How to Use Frase’s Automatic Content Briefs in ShortlyAI

When you want to work fast, you want your tools to cooperate really nicely. Frase and ShortlyAI have that in spades. In this quick guide, I want to show you how to use the automatic content brief in Frase to create article briefs in Shortly to help you get the content you want from the GPT-3 AI.

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Create the Content Brief in Frase

In Frase, you'll start a new document with the search term you're creating the article about. Once Frase does its magic you'll have a blank document with a link inside labeled "Automate Content Brief" -- click it.

Then on the right click "Insert into Editor" without changing any of the options (unless you want to). This will paste the content brief into the editor where you can review it.

Look for a decent passage that summarizes what your article will be about, copy it — now head over to Shortly.

Paste into Shortly's Article Brief

Start a new document in Shortly and then paste the content brief passage you copied from Frase into the article brief in Shortly. After you paste it in you'll want to tweak it a little.

First, add "please write an article about " in front of the passage you pasted in. Then review the passage for ways to shape it into your voice or add thoughts you think may be missing.

When you're done the article brief is done. It's time to write.


In this guide I quickly showed you how you can use the automatic content brief in Frase to create effective article briefs in Shortly — boosting your productivity and saving you time.

Hope you found it helpful.