Use Frase to Produce Topic-Rich Article Briefs to Get the Most From GPT-3 AI Writers

Have you considered using a Frase-powered AI researcher to produce article briefs that help you and your content teams focus on the topics which will get the most attention from consumers? If so, then you'd probably want to know how you can use such article briefs to get the most out of an AI writing platform like ShortlyAI.

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Make the Most of Your Time

Let's say you already have a good understanding of the topic. But when it comes time to give a good article brief to Shortly so it can write for you -- you're stumped. Maybe you start simple "please write about ramen," for instance.

But you know that's not enough. Imagine if your boss came to you and asked you to write about ramen. What would you write about? There are so many angles to take… and you'd probably not pick the one the boss had in mind. You need to do a better job.

Be a Good Boss

So flip that around. Be a good boss. You want to provide as much context to the GPT-3 AI in ShortlyAI as you possibly can. But where do you come up with all the relevant words to put into the brief?

One way is to know it all and type it in yourself. While this may often work, there are likely times when you're just not feeling as creative as you should be… and hit a block.

There is a better way: Frase.

Let Frase Help "Fill Out" Your Article Briefs

Enter Frase -- your AI-powered research assistant. It can gather all the keywords you need (and then some) to make the best possible article brief. Here's how:

  1. Start a new document in Frase for the term your article is about
  2. Go to the topics tab and review the "top topics," "longtail topics," and anything else you want
  3. Start writing your topic-rich article brief inside Frase. Hit on quite a few of the topics (especially the long-tail ones)

Once the article brief is ready, it's time to get writing.

Copy into ShorltyAI for Writing

Now you'll copy that new and improved article brief into Shortly -- where you'll do the normal AI-writer dance. You write some, let it generate some. Let it finish your sentences and thoughts -- create new paragraphs and take your article to a new level with surprises.

You should immediately notice the AI is producing more accurate content to match your needs for the article. It'll be better at completing your thoughts and adding new tangents to bring even more content to your reader than you originally planned.

Be Smart and Think Long-Term

So if you want to get the most out of your GPT-3 AI writers like ShortlyAI -- Frase is the way to expand your article briefs with all the relevant keywords. Then let ShortlyAI do its best work by taking those keywords and running with them.

Frase is a smart system for gathering topic words. It uses a machine learning model to help you quickly identify relevant words for any topic to improve quality content generation.

You may not use all the topics and keywords from Frase in one article -- keep in mind what you don't use. Perhaps it can be used in your content schedule later down the road. Don't focus so heavily on the now you miss opportunities to think long-term.

Summary and Take-away

This is not an auto-magical process. The best articles are created with strong cooperation between human writer and AI-assistant -- and that includes the article brief in Frase.

Here in the AI Content Dojo, I could not be happier that Frase is available to use in this way. It's been a great addition to the process -- not only for the AI writing capability in ShortlyAI but also to help me do my job more efficiently.

If you're not already using Artificial Intelligence to help you with your content writing, then you may be surprised at how much it can make a difference -- especially the synergy between Frase and ShortlyAI within the workflow I teach here in the dojo.

In quick summary, use Frase to:

  1. Research your topic
  2. Create a keyword-rich, on-topic article brief
  3. Pass the article brief into ShortlyAI
  4. Write and cooperate with the GPT-3 AI to create your article