GPT-3 AI Writing: Be the Boss; Lead

GPT-3 is a unidirectional predictive text AI. That means it is really good at predicting the next words you type after you type some characters. It is not good at generating random text or understanding the meaning of a word. The idea is to work with it to create your article.

GPT-3 can predict the next word with up to a high level of accuracy based on the previous words you typed — and ShortlyAI adds their own magic to the recipe too.

When writing with GPT-3 AI you'll want to keep this predictive nature in mind. Learn to "dance" with the AI and when you get good at it your productivity soars.

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The AI is There When You Need It

It’s important to understand the goal of OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI isn’t to generate the perfect articles for you instantly automatically. Instead, it’s to help you generate better articles faster — break writer's block or finish your thoughts/sentences for you.

ShortlyAI, by default, is a place for you to write. An open canvas where you can write distraction-free — with an AI assistant ready when you need it. An assistant ready to take your instructions and generate the text you (hopefully) want.

Imagine You Were the Assistant

Flip the scenario for a moment. What if you were the assistant getting instructions from the boss? Would you appreciate a good boss that gives you solid, thorough instructions on what they want?

I think we all would, and the AI assistant does too. So it would be best if you treated the AI assistant like a real person. Be clear on what you want from it, and give it the right instructions to reach that goal.

The more you use Shortly, the better you will become at providing the instructions it needs. Soon it will be able to craft more on-topic sentences than before — giving you confidence in the assistant's work.

Be a Good Boss: Lead

This comes back to the predictive nature of GPT-3 AI. If you expect it to generate paragraphs for you with zero or little, effort — you'll find yourself having a harder time using it. But when you learn how to be a good boss and lead the AI, your results improve dramatically.

And when you get good at using the underlying commands in Shortly, and the keyboard shortcuts associated with them, you'll gain the writing superpowers you seek.

But you have to be a good leader. Provide thoughtful, intelligent instructions to the AI, and it will do a much better job giving you want — so you can complete your work faster. Remember, GPT-3 AI likes to finish your thoughts (predict), not generate text out of nothing.