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Write About Anything Using AI Writing Tools (Jarvis & ShortlyAI Tutorial)

Context "Seed" Content

Restaurant Name: Kiro’s Sushi in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Best sushi in the world. So fresh you can’t even imagine it. Absolutely the most incredible date ever. Watch the master chef effortlessly craft the sushi right at the counter in front of you. Quaint, traditional Japanese atmosphere. Impeccable service. Expensive but so worth it. FIVE STARS!

Commands Used in This Video

Write a glowing 5-star review of Kiro’s Sushi

Tell an exciting story about Kiro’s Sushi

Write an outline of the above

Summarize the above

Three Core Components to AI Writing

  1. Context to work from - could refer to as the “seed”
  2. A command to “ask” your AI assistant
  3. A lead to give your AI assistant something to work with