Introducing: The Influential Wordsmith Template

"I just tried this template, and it is like a blast of useful content with the press of a button! A very surprising 🙂 result!" -Michael H.

When writing a lot of content, you'll need a proven strategy you can rely on—introducing: The Influential Wordsmith template in Chibi AI.

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This AI template models contextually relevant topics based on your unique input and creates more than just blog content - solopreneurs can quickly grow their brands with effective content marketing.

We've done hundreds of hours of testing, with agencies writing hundreds of thousands of words a month -- who else does that?

This resource is available right now inside Chibi AI, and here's how it will help you:

Turn your blog post H2's into entire sections of content that are easy to skim and highly engaging. Perfect for anyone who wants to create long-form content they'll be proud of without spending days on it.

Example workflow:

Step 1: Write the content brief; let Chibi write the seed

Step 2: Outline what you'll deliver in H2's

Step 3: Use Influential Wordsmith after each H2 and let Chibi work

After that, edit to fit your needs and publish. Three to five H2's should produce about a 1,200-1,500-word article with little effort.


Chibi AI's Influential Wordsmith template creates contextually relevant topics based on your unique input and enables solopreneurs to start and grow a successful brand. Chibi writes the seed, you outline the content in H2's, Chibi crafts the draft content, and you edit then publish.