The Best AI Art Prompt Generator [2022]: Chibi Studio

AI art prompts are weird but awesome. It's an imaginative process of creating beautiful works of art, interesting concepts, or even character designs through words that are converted into images through powerful AI art models.

And  the best AI art prompt generator helps artists quickly draft concepts to improve workflow.

If you want to learn how to craft creative AI art prompts easily, this post will teach you how to use the best AI art prompt generator on the market today: Chibi Studio.

And afterward, I'll show you some awesome prompts and the art I've created with the help of Chibi Studio.

What is an AI Art Prompt?

An AI art prompt is a text description of an image one would like an AI art generator like MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, or DALL-E 2 to create an image from (note: there are more art generators out there, these are the "big three").

These tools take a passage of text and convert it into imagery. The better the prompt, the better the resulting image can be.

A prompt might look like this "a beautiful woman lost in the darkness of a deep forest surrounded by ominous looking trees, backlit by the full moon, cinematic photography, 135mm f/2 lens, glow filter, high iso, long exposure"

And this is how MidJourney imagined this prompt would look:

Why Chibi Studio is the Best AI Art Prompt Generator

The interface is superb and makes it simple to craft amazing prompts. With Chibi Studio, you'll craft art prompts that you never imagined you'd ever be able to without help. The sheer number of choices you can pick from to construct the perfect prompt is remarkable and tucked nicely inside a pleasant interface.

It's smooth, fluid... not janky in any way. Everything loads near-instantly and is an absolute pleasure to work in.

Also, Chibi Studio is made by the team behind Chibi AI; a market-leading AI writing tool that boosts the creativity and quality of thousands of writers worldwide. Now they're expanding into the realm of digital art, something the founder was deeply into before starting Chibi AI.

This experience and unique insight gives Chibi Studio powerful features, such as custom-trained AI models to enhance art prompts automatically. Or even craft random prompts if you're stuck for ideas.

A Design Studio-like Experience

With the "design studio" interface, you can quickly fine-tune your prompts to create artwork full of personality.

Pick between various "focuses" depending on what you're making, whether a digital painting or a photo-realistic render. The focus modes include (at the time of this writing): artwork and photography -- with more modes planned. (Author's note: Chibi Studio is in early beta, expect things to change -- and yes, is already the best AI art prompt generator available).

You gain access to different options to add to your prompt as you change focuses. For instance, in the artwork focus, you can choose from styles of artwork, various brushes, types of art, materials, color palettes, and more.

Swap to the photography focus to unlock camera setup, film choices, lens filters, composition, lighting, and even post-processing renders.

You're not limited to one focus!

Better yet, you're not locked into one focus. You can dance between them to pick and choose qualities you want to add to your art prompt. There's nothing between you and your most creative designs but your own imagination.

If you want to use 35mm film with an f/1.8 on an oil painting using an old, jagged brush and shot with a smartphone rigged to a dolly for an over-the-shoulder shot... as strange as it may sound, you can.


I think we covered the pros pretty well. Here's a quick recap:

  • A very slick, easy-to-use UI
  • The vast number of options to put together into awesome prompts
  • The "focus modes" that organize functionality
  • Custom-trained AI models to enhance prompts auto-magically
  • The pure focus on prompts, rather than generation
  • Backed by an amazing team deeply interested in the field
  • Can be free to use


There aren't many cons to think of, but if I had to dig deep and pick some areas in Chibi Studio that could be improved, I'd say:

  • It's free-ish to use; the powerful AI tools require a subscription to access
  • Despite having a ton of options, more options would be great. I still feel like there are some things it doesn't help with as much as it could
  • While in beta, it seems to be developing faster than the sample images can be created -- it still works, but some options don't show the effect they might have on the result
  • While the focus on prompts is nice, some might wish it were possible to generate images inside Chibi Studio
  • I wish the day had more than 24 hours so I could play with Chibi Studio more


Now we're on to the part you might have been waiting for. How much does all this cost?

It's free! (sort of)

You can access Chibi Studio and click through all the various options to craft as many prompts as you desire. All day, every day... and it costs nothing! You don't even need to log in or anything. Just use it.

It's when you want to take advantage of the premium features such as the custom AI models I mentioned earlier that you'll need to pay. Where you can have Chibi's AI help you craft prompts that can sometimes completely surprise you with how clever they are.

To unlock those features, you can subscribe to any of the Chibi AI plans -- which grant access to the cool AI tools in Chibi Studio and the rest of Chibi AI to write blog posts, emails, graphic novels, stories, character descriptions, etc.!

And Chibi AI has some of the best prices available. If you look around at their competition, you'll see them charging upwards of $279 PER MONTH compared to Chibi's Einstein plan for $89/mo.

Given the quality of this app, I wouldn't be surprised if the prices go up in the future. But the founder has told me he is adamant about offering the service at the proper price and tries his best never to change an existing member's subscription price.

If you join now, even if the prices go up in the future, you'll have locked in the current price.

Some Amazing Text-to-Image AI Art Prompts Created With Chibi Studio

Here are some examples of the art prompts I generated using Chibi Studio, using the free tools, and the paid-for AI tools. Look how incredibly creative some of these are -- and they took almost no time to make. I would never have made these on my own.

Prompt #1: a Hawaiian lady wearing a lei stretched half open levitating above a traditional Hawaiian luau party, red and orange dichromatic watercolor

Prompt #2: a short dark-haired guitar player portrait, playing in a crowded jazz club, photo realistic, photography, smartphone camera, light leak filter, wide aperture, rim light, torchlight, field of view, dichromatic, dark

Prompt #3: an ethereal grandmother, a surreal portrait, mystical, female, oil painting, cinematic lighting, neoclassicism art style, analogous colors

Prompt #4: the lion king of the jungle, powerful, majestic, African sunset behind him, hand-drawn, sketch, 2B charcoal, chalk, technical pencil, kneaded eraser, golden ratio, primitivism art style

Prompt #5: ​​a rose with thorns tattoo with lacy petal elements, rich colors, soft lighting to accentuate the tattoo, line art, hand-drawn, studio pen

Prompt #6: God of Death bust, surreal crow that symbolizes death, onyx skull and feather, dark colorful atmosphere, mystical, cinematic, epic, octane render

Prompt #7: molten lava inside beer bottle, fake miniature, diorama, depth of field, tilt-shift, sharp focus

Prompt #8: Ottoman Mehmed The Conqueror-in Traditional Clothing, a longboat decorated with prayer beads and flowers, plays on the banks of the Danube in Second World War

Prompt #9: nanog black hole, unbig bang, dripping, lava, sci-fi, insane detail, cinematic, volumetric lighting, ultra high resolution, intricate

Prompt #10: sky and mist above the abyss, the dark side of the moon, light reflecting off a photorealistic lattice of light beams, lantern, epic setting, gloom

Prompt #11: a lion, wildlife photography, fire-breathing lion in the darkness of the jungle, flames, smoke, flare, classicism art style

Prompt #12: mythical creature with a collar made of multicolored fire, hundreds of gems sparkling, intense colors in ultra high resolution, mystic style and surrealism, detailed volumetric lighting, ray traced, ambient occlusion, rim light, spotlight