Introducing Persona SEO

The practice of connecting a topic to your reader with a deep understanding of what the reader requires from the topic and what you know about your reader.

Persona SEO is my new book; written to help you forge content that resonates with your reader and appeals to Google so it can rank.

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The key to Persona SEO is knowing your reader so in-depth you can pull topic ideas out of their story. This book will show you how — and how to do it with AI tools like Frase, ShortlyAI, and Jarvis.

Mantra “Solve your reader’s problems, solve your Google problems.” Write for a person, what they need, and Google will reward you.

It does not mean "no SEO." Optimization is something you do after you’ve made sure you completely serve your reader. Frase makes this super easy by the way.

Why Persona SEO now?

Artificial Intelligence.

AI writing tools to be exact. The flood of mediocre content is here… and will only continue to rise.

With Persona SEO you’ll stay relevant and ahead of the pack. When the mediocre content starts getting struck from Google rankings (or never even ranks at all) — your unique content will be there to help people — and Google loves that.

The book dives deep into what Persona SEO is, how to implement it into your workflows, and how to get the most from it.

There’s also a companion video — where I’ll show you how to do the things discussed in the book (plus some bonus materials) — using Frase, ShortlyAI, and Jarvis AI writing tools.

Ignore keyword research?

While a major goal is to alleviate the burden of doing keyword research, it doesn’t mean you can’t if you want to. If you’re skilled at doing keyword research and enjoy it — combining that with Persona SEO will ultra-power your content.

KW Research + Persona SEO + SEO (with Frase) will be killer technique for sure. But if you dislike KW research, you can do well with Persona SEO + optimization.

The AI Content Dojo is an example of that.