Don’t Ask for Complete Content; Craft it Using Components

You don’t ask for the whole enchilada upfront. Create the best content using these amazing AI writing tools by letting them help you create the components that make up great content.

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Context or "Seed" Content to Start the Document

Remember, this part is vital and is 100% written by you. This gets the article started on the right food, holds all the topic-rich keywords necessary to drive the AI, and sets your tone/voice.

Title: The Difficulties of Book Writing: The Reality of Being a Self-Published Author
Often don't have time to write. Sometimes I sit on a blank page for too long. I subconsciously feel I'm not qualified to write a book. I believe great books takes months to write. I don't have enough sources to write a long enough book. My imagination is lacking. I lose the desire to finish my books before they're complete.

Jasper AI & ShortlyAI Recipe to Create a Blog Post

  • Write an introduction to an article about the difficulties of writing a book as a self-published author
  • Write an outline for the difficulties of writing a book as a self-published author
  • Write an answer for how to get past writer's block
  • Write a conclusion for this article

Imagine Three Components to Writing With AI

This is how you write quality content with AI writing tools: Context + Commands + Leads

Context = a starter set of content written by the writer. A brain dump of the content to cover, topic-rich, and in the writer’s “voice.”

Commands = the ways you “ask” the AI assistant to craft specific content for you

Leads = The part of the sentence/paragraph you write to give the AI assistant something to work with