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Which AI Writing Tools to Use?

My Guide to Choose the Best AI Writing Tools — Based on Testing Nearly Every AI Writing Tool Available

I'm reading your mind right now. I see you've been all around the Internet now, your brain swimming with excitement about the chance to use an AI writing tool to help you be a more productive writer and create blog posts faster. 

But there are so many to choose from! It's a paradox of choice. With so many options, which should you use? They all claim to be the most fantastic thing since sliced bread (yea, I know… boring cliche, I should do better).

So what is the answer? How do you pick one over another? Here's what I'll do. I'll share three different stacks of tools I think you should use. These are chosen because they are the best tools for the job. I know… there are so many AI writing tools out there, but don't worry — I've tried them all (I've even helped develop some).

I will be right upfront with you and transparent - the links to the apps I discuss here are affiliate links. This did not affect my choices here (pretty much every tool in this space has an affiliate program). I promise I am picking these because I have tested nearly everything, and these are the ones you should pay attention to — because at the end of the day the output is what you're after.

If you purchase one of these services using the links I provide, they will give me a small commission to help support the AI Content Dojo — at no extra cost to you. Thank you! 🙏

I also have some exclusive discount codes to give you the best deal you can get on these tools.

The Beast Stack

If money is no issue to you, this is the stack of AI tools you should purchase. I call it beast stack because it's the most powerful but also the most expensive.

Frase w/SEO add-on + Jarvis

Use discount code "dojodiscount" (all lowercase) to save 25% for the first three months.

These two tools will give you an incredible amount of flexibility in your writing. With Frase, you get SEO optimization, gap analysis, outline builder, content analytics, and their AI writing does not use GPT-3! So you write about things with it that you can't with Jarvis.

Jarvis is the GPT-3 juggernaut. It has loads of templates to get specific types of content from; commands to get even more. Plus "recipes" to help you work faster as well.

You get everything of everything there is on the AI writing market with these two tools.

Beast Stack Price - $199-$269/mo

With Jarvis, you'll pay $119/mo for the Boss Mode plan. This unlocks all of its abilities. Frase is $45/mo for the basic plan, then $35/mo for the SEO add-on, which opens unlimited AI writing. That's $80/mo for Frase basic. But if you have a team, you should opt for the team plan. That's $115/mo ($150/mo with SEO add-on) for Frase Team.

Another thing to consider about Frase, the basic plan will only allow 30 documents per month. Not a problem for most small businesses or bloggers, but if you’re an agency or team of writers — opt for the team plan, it offers unlimited documents.

Altogether, the beast stack will run you $199 per month ($269 with Frase Team). Pricey, but you get everything under the sun. If you choose to go with Frase Team, you get two seats to invite your VA's and writers to use.

The Budget "Stack"

On the other hand, if money is a concern for you… meaning you don't have much to spend, but if you want to venture into the AI writing space, I have something nice here.

The choice will depend on what you need from your tool. Do you want a fantastic AI writing tool and do not need SEO optimization extras? Or are you doing client work who would love to have their articles SEO optimized too?

Since you're on a strict budget, pick from one of these two tools, depending on your needs:

ShortlyAI - $51.35/mo or $507/yr ($42.25/mo)

If you only need a writing tool and are on a tight budget, then Shortly is what you want. It is a compelling writing app with a fantastic, minimal interface—a writer's dream.

The best part is that I convinced them to offer 35% off as long as you remain subscribed! Just enter the discount code "dojo" at checkout to save. It even works on the annual plan if you want to maximize your savings.

The prices I quote above for Shortly are with the 35% off discount code applied.

Frase + SEO Add-on - $80/mo ($60/mo for the first 3 months)

If you want AI writing and SEO optimization tools, then you want Frase. The AI writing is a bit new, but it is getting more powerful every week. In fact, by the time you're reading this, it will likely be every bit as powerful as most tools out there (and better in many ways too).

As mentioned in the beast stack, if you use the discount code "dojodiscount" (all lowercase), you'll get 25% off for the first three months.

To take advantage of Frase, you'll need the basic plan ($45/mo) plus the SEO add-on ($35/mo). That's a bit pricier than ShortlyAI, but you do get AI topic research and SEO optimization tools as well. Just don't forget to purchase the SEO add-on. I know it's called an "SEO add-on," but it unlocks unlimited AI writing too.

The Stack

Since I'm not very creative, I'm calling this stack "the stack." It's two tools that I think are a fantastic pair but also won't wreck your bank. Use these when you want solid capabilities and have a bit more to spend on tools, but keep it within reason. In this stack, I'd say pick the Frase basic plan plus the SEO add-on and ShortlyAI.

Frase + SEO add-on

Use discount code "dojodiscount" (all lowercase) to save 25% for the first three months.


Use discount code "dojo" for 35% off for as long as you remain subscribed. Works on annual plans too.

These two tools will give you quite a lot of power for your writing needs. With Frase, as I've mentioned above, you get AI topic research, SEO optimization, outline builder, content analytics, and their own language model AI writer. Excellent by itself, but even nicer when paired with Shortly.

ShortlyAI is AI writing perfection. When you want to open an app and begin writing, Shortly is the best. No bulky UI to get in the way, and the AI assistant within is brilliant.

"The Stack" Price - $131.35/mo

Frase will run you $80/mo ($60/mo for the first three months with the discount code).

If you want to maximize your savings, I recommend the annual ShortlyAI plan. When you apply the 35% off discount, you will pay $507/yr (that comes out to just $42.25/mo). If you don't want the annual plan, the monthly is $51.35/mo with the discount — still a great deal.

Special Note About the Frase Discount Code

The Frase discount code applies to anything you put into your cart — including annual plans. But instead of giving you 25% off the yearly plan, you'll get the equivalent to 25% off of 3 months taken off of the annual plan. That is on top of the 15% discount already applied to the yearly plan, so it is the way to save the most on Frase.

Update: If you're a Frase AppSumo lifetime deal holder, this discount code can be used for the SEO add-on alone too. Save 25% off the SEO add-on for 3 months.

Why Stacks? Why These Choices?

The reason I picked these apps is that they complement each other nicely. They offer different things, but together they make up one complete package. You could buy them separately and make due — but there's one thing about these stacks that is interesting.

Frase uses its own language model; it is not GPT-3. ShortlyAI and Jarvis are GPT-3. Combining Frase with either Jarvis or ShortlyAI gives you the most AI writing flexibility.

When a GPT-3 app doesn't let you write about something (because OpenAI, the creators of GPT-3, believe your content is toxic), you can switch to Frase instead. Frase doesn't have the same limitations.

And when Frase's AI isn't entirely producing the content you need, you can switch over to a GPT-3 based tool like ShortlyAI or Jarvis to get something different — perhaps better for your needs at the moment.

Happy writing! ❤️+✌️