The Best GPT-3 AI Writing Tool on the Market: ShortlyAI

If you’re here, reading this guide, it seems to me you’re interested in finding out which of the GPT-3 writing tools is the one for you. I can tell you upfront that tool is probably ShortlyAI, but read on to learn more about why I choose Shortly, and discover other tools in the market.


I no longer recommend ShortlyAI. While I believe it is still one of the best GPT-3 based AI writing apps, it doesn't seem to be well maintained by its new owners, is frequently down, and support is slow to answer.

Instead, check out Chibi AI for a superior AI writing app.

Update 2: Chibi just released Chibi Studio to help craft AI Art prompts that create interesting artwork in MidJourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion.

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The Criteria for the Perfect AI Writing Tool

There are several things to consider between these tools, such as:

  • AI generated text output quality
  • Usable interface
  • AI writing experience
  • Flexibility and control of AI writing
  • Writing Speed and efficiency gained
  • Cost

I’ll start with the best overall and then work through additional tools you can check out.

ShortlyAI is the Reigning AI Writing Champ

ShortlyAI is the single best GPT-3 AI writer on the market today . It checks all of the boxes (and is exceptional when paired with Frase ). The generated output is excellent and you have complete control so you can get precisely what you want from it (and often some helpful surprises too).

It is like autocomplete for your thoughts, sentences, and paragraphs helping you work ultra-fast. The interface is perfectly minimal, getting out of your way to give you a superb writing experience. The AI-assistant is just a click (or keyboard shortcut) away.

There are advanced commands and techniques just under the surface that once you master them give you writing superpowers. You have the most flexibility of any tool available today.

All this power is possible in one clean “blank-slate” interface write your sales copy, ads, landing pages, and even full-length, long-form (thousands of words) blog articles all in one screen no jumping around between various “tools” to accomplish your writing goals.

Given all this writing power, the cost is very low. For just $39/mo you get unlimited text generations and you can save 40% when paying annually. It's an excellent value compared to the higher price and credit limits of the competition; where you are limited to how many times you can use the AI to generate text.

Update: ShortlyAI was acquired by Jarvis — the price was nearly tripled to $79/mo. The same high-quality content is possible as before (it just costs more now). However, I managed to convince the Jarvis crew to create a special discount — use the code “Dojo” to take 35% off.

ShortlyAI does not use credits. Generate as much content as you want no sting like other tools when you burn credits on text that isn't exactly what you wanted. And the best part is you can experiment without fear of burning through all your credits — it’s essentially unlimited credits!

For all these reasons alone ShortlyAI is the best available now. But the founder is incredible too. Always inventing new ways to make Shortly better without disrupting the already amazing writing experience.

It seems to me you're interested in improving your writing speed and want one tool to best handle your needs, you want ShortlyAI. You won't regret it. You can craft many types of content from sales emails, blog posts, ad text, and more. ShortlyAI is an incredible tool that excels at long-form content. If you’re a content writer you won’t go wrong with ShortlyAI.

Oh, one more thing that really sets ShortlyAI apart from the competition something you might overlook when researching for an AI writing tool... Shortly's minimal interface means it fits into your workflows seamlessly augmenting your workflow to help you create fast (particularly useful in competitive markets). You can jump into a fresh new document quickly and get to work.

Okay, final thought for you. ShortlyAI helps you write. No matter the type of writing, it doesn't force you into certain types/styles. You get what you ask for. Other tools will force you into “tools” designed for specific tasks (slowing you down a little).

Headlime: The Hybrid Runner-Up

I call Headlime the hybrid runner-up because it is a mix of both methods. It has some of the form-based "tools" like the rest of the GPT-3 based writing apps on the market, but also has a blog writer area similar to ShortlyAI.

While Headlime does have one advantage over ShortlyAI -- it has text formatting -- the UI is a tad more "engineered" than Shortly's. It's clean, sharp, modern and well-designed, but tends to get in the way more than the ultra-minimal interface (practically interface-less) approach of ShortlyAI.

But that isn't the biggest turn-off from using Headlime. The credit system causes you to pause and think before you hit that "write" button and burn a credit. A limit that diminishes creativity and essentially kills experimentation.

You don't want to hit that "write" button in Headlime just to see what the AI can come up with when you know it will burn through a few credits to do so.

And the half-forms based approach slows things down when you just want to jump into a document and write (though to be fair, on the flip side, it can help get you started if you're suffering from a massive bout of writer's block).

Headlime is amazing for sure. While it's a bit pricier than ShortlyAI, at $59/mo  it's primarily the credit limit that drops its ranking.

The Rest of the AI Writing tools

Before I discuss the rest of these tools all together in one group, I don't want you to think these are poor quality tools. They aren't, and they can produce excellent results for you too.

They simply don't meet all the criteria I mentioned at the top of this guide and they all essentially work in a similar way: forms.

Services such as, Writesonic,, CopySmith, and Nichesss (and others) will show you a list of "tools" -- you choose a tool based on what type of text output you want: such as Google ad, YouTube video description, etc.

Then you fill out a series of form fields like company name, blog title, purpose, article description  and click generate. Most of these services will then show you 3-5 choices of content to choose from.

Of course all of these tools are based on OpenAI's GPT-3 AI -- and for the most part seem to offer the same sort of "tools" to choose from. And in general, the text output is similar across the board.

The biggest differences come to user interface quality and price. The cost/value champ right now is Nichesss with a $59 lifetime deal (incredibly, with unlimited generations too)... but it also has the lowest-quality user interface at the moment.

For the most part you will see prices around $49-$59 per month for these service and most have credit limits to work around.

In Summary

Get ShortlyAI if you want one tool that gives you a blank canvas, the power to produce what you want from the AI, and unlimited AI text generations so you can spread your wings while you write and experiment.

Headlime is a great option if you need a little more guided requests to get the most from AI and don't mind the credit limits (perhaps you don't plan to produce a ton of content per month).

The rest are tools you could use when the need arises but the interfaces and limitations often mean you could use Shortly or Headlime instead. 

The standout option in this category would be Nichesss if you can pick it up while it is still on Appsumo. $59 for a one-time payment lifetime deal for unlimited generations is a crazy good deal  and you could find some edge use cases for choosing Nichess over Shortly or Headlime.