AI Writing: Let it Surprise You With New Topics & Tangents

Here's one of the brilliant things about the clean-slate style of Chibi AIserendipity. As you're doing the AI dance -- writing and sometimes letting the AI take over, it may write something you didn't expect.

AI "mistakes" can still be useful

Just because you didn't expect it doesn't mean it isn't useful or potentially better than you would have written. There will be times when the AI adds a fantastic new angle to your article you didn't plan for. It may add a new topic or a tangent that helps your writing flow or helps your story grow.

Other times it might better explain the topic at hand than how you originally planned to explain it. Treat Chibi AI as a partner that helps you write. Let it surprise you when it presents good ideas or its own flavor.

Learn to accept what you might immediately think of as AI "mistakes" because it didn't produce precisely what you thought it would.

Go with the flow, let the AI write, but guide it

It's hard to plan this but go with the flow. Don't let Chibi write everything, instead guide him and let the uncertainty of it pull you into intriguing new territory -- within reason, of course — stay on topic; you are still the boss.

The best way to guide Chibi is with a strong seed, leading sentence fragments, and topic.

Pay attention to potential new ideas

This ties into the serendipity thing… meaning, you could be pleasantly surprised from time to time. Sometimes, even though it's interesting content Chibi comes up with, it doesn't fit your article at the time. But that doesn't mean it can't be used in a future article.

Pay attention to it. Could it become an idea for a new article? Or a potential tangent to the current one? Just because Chibi didn't create what you wanted right now doesn't mean you can't use it later.

Don't forget to collect the ideas

Set up a place to store notes. I use Bear on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It gives me one place to put notes, no matter the device I'm on when I need to write something down.

Then while you're creating content and Chibi produces something that doesn't work for the current article but could be helpful at some point, drop it into your notes for later. Your notes will be a place you can turn to when you need ideas to write about.

I often find myself looking at past notes for ideas for my current writing -- this could become an extensive collection over time, and you'll never have a shortage of article topics to write about.

The Takeaway

  1. Let Chibi write, lead it, but let him surprise you
  2. Capture generated text that doesn't fit the current article but is suitable for another
  3. Store it in a centralized notes "collection."
  4. Use the collection of notes when you need article ideas or content to add to articles

This is a process to get the most out of Chibi AI; let nothing go to waste. 😉