Will Jasper AI Work With WordPress Sites?

Yes, Jasper will work with WordPress websites. While there is no direct integration with WordPress, the content created by Jasper AI, especially when formatted in just the right way, will save you time publishing new content into your WordPress-powered website.

Update: there are reports the Jasper team are working on a WordPress plugin so there may be a more direct integration in the future.

Here’s how.

Use Jasper AI's Templates to Create Quality Content

Quality content is when you deliver exactly what your reader needs to be perfectly satisfied with the search they performed. On your WordPress site, this usually means answering a specific question or going deep on your topic.

Jasper helps you craft fantastic articles (or even copywriting) — pass Jasper a few inputs, and he’ll give you back several paragraphs of content for you to choose from. Pick your favorite content and then mold it into the best post to serve your reader.

Use Jasper's templates such as the “content improver” or “persuasive bullets” to add impact and create highly optimized articles to boost user engagement and traffic potential or lowering expenses from advertising campaigns.

These templates are the main value add Jasper brings to the table (at least, until they integrate the long-form capabilities of Shortly, which they just acquired).

Write Blog Posts Faster With Jasper AI

Jasper’s blog outline template will let you build quality, working posts in a fraction of the time you used to take. This outline template will write out each step to creating the blog post for you.

All you need to do is fill in each section — and Jasper can help you with that too! No need to create everything from scratch. Be productive and get back to other vital tasks in your business.

Don’t forget about the all-important headlines too. Jasper's “perfect headline” template will make sure your headlines grab attention and direct your reader through your fantastic article.

Create Semantic, SEO-Friendly Content Using Jasper

SEO and semantic content are both essential for your WordPress website. Jasper can craft hyper-relevant content based on the input you provide him. Take advantage of his tone of voice to add a witty flair, a scientific note, or even as your favorite historical figure (Socrates, anyone?).

But, before you publish, don’t forget to edit Jasper's copy to make it perfect for your reader and to bring your unique voice to your content (an essential part of standing out online today) — check out my ideal article checklist always to publish quality posts.

Do You Embed YouTube Videos in Your WordPress Blog Posts

If you create YouTube videos to embed in your WordPress site as I do here on the AI Content Dojo, then you’ll love Jasper's video templates to jumpstart your video scripts. Everything from video titles and descriptions to the hook and intro.

You’ll have compelling videos ready for your site in no time.

And after you’re done crafting the best post you can for your reader, you can do minor formatting right inside Jasper to prepare for publishing to WordPress.

Markdown Formatting Options Outside the Long-Form Editor

Using the long-form editor, you can easily use the built-in heading, bold, italics, etc., to add formatting to your text. But what about when working with content in the short-form templates? Are you out of luck?

Of course not! Double+tap the output and then add your markdown to the text. ## for a heading 2. ### for a heading3, * for lists, or surround text with ** to bold it.

Then when you copy this markdown formatted text from Jasper to your site, WordPress will detect the markdown and automatically set the formatting options, so you don’t have to. Saving you several minutes of time formatting and editing your new post before hitting that publish button.

If you’re a content creator, then this is a game-changer. Save time by focusing on creating the post. Then wow your reader with a great-looking article. Two birds, one stone.


To wrap up, Jasper saves you time and improves the quality of your content when publishing on WordPress. Using markdown in the short-form content will help you work faster — saving you steps in the publishing process.

Over time, you’ll have more content available for your readers — and it can be just as amazing as if you completely wrote it yourself if you take the time to work with Jasper AI as a writing assistant.