Smashing the Competition: Outproducing Your Opponents Using AI

One of the things I mention when selling this site is that these AI tools give you such an advantage over those who don't use them — you can literally give yourself a massive head start (or catch up).

I want you to imagine this for a second. Here we are in what is essentially round 1. The tools are just starting to come out. You snagged this book, so you're already ahead of the curve.

Once you get set up in these tools and implement the workflow I shared in this book, you're off to the races. Crank out a 1,500-word article in minutes. Write an ebook in a couple of days (more if you edit, share stories, backup facts, etc., but you see my point).

Knock out those product descriptions, ad copy, tweets, emails, and more in record time. It's all about efficiency.

If you're a blogger, what do you think the impact would be if you could publish a 3,000-word article every day without breaking a sweat? And that's if you take it easy. You could crank out 5,6, or even 7,000 words a day regularly.

It depends on how hard you step on the gas when you get comfortable in the race car. If it took you 3-5 hours or more to write a 1,500-word article before, but now you get it done in less than an hour… what do you do?

Of course, you could stop there and enjoy the extra few hours recovered for your day. Or you could push on the gas and start another article right away. In the time it took you to write one 1,500-word article, you may get 2-3 done.

While it all depends on how well you learn to use the tools, it isn't far-fetched to believe it's possible to do even more than that. Especially if you really dedicate yourself to learning what inputs return the best outputs reliably.

Picture you cruising around the track in a formula-1 car while your competitors think they're cool in their Toyota Prius. Sure, it's a good car, but your formula-1 racer will run circles around them.

Obviously, you're not going to start competing on the same level as massive publishing houses with teams of writers who have teams of writers. But you will separate yourself from others just like you.