ShortlyAI Lifetime Deal: There isn’t One, is There?

ShortlyAI on AppSumo!?

Before we get started, I'm filing this one under "thoughts." Which means I'm passing along some information, but I'm sharing my thoughts and opinions as well.

As of the time of this writing there is no lifetime deal for ShortlyAI. I did speak with the developer of ShortlyAI and he's quite adamant about not having a lifetime deal, instead focusing on making the app worth more than you spend on it (and judging from the sneak peek I've seen on what's coming -- he's on the right path).

BUT! I have convinced them to give me a special discount code you can use.

Exclusive Deal: Subscribe to Shortly using the discount code "Dojo" and take35% OFF (even works on the annual plan)! This is the lowest price you can get ShortlyAI for.

Dear reader, if you purchase Shortly using the button above, Shortly will give me a small commission to help support the AI Content Dojo — at no extra cost to you. Thank you! 🙏

My Opinion from here

From here on is my opinion… no judgement, just my own thoughts.

I know you might be disappointed by the lack of a lifetime deal, but in my humble opinion, this is better for the long-term survivability of the app. I understand Niche$$$ has done well for itself, but there are some fundamental differences where ShortlyAI needs to be careful.

As much as I'd ❤️ a lifetime deal on Shortly myself, I would prefer the app is successful and profitable -- as to grow and innovate over time. If that means there can't be a lifetime deal, but instead of fair price, I'm okay with that.

Much like a movie, there is money and work that go into directing, filming, writing, and crafting the masterpiece — and even if you loved the movie, if it doesn’t make money, there’s a good chance that’s that last you’ll see of that story.

The benefits I get from Shortly more than make up for the price. The ability to crank out 1,500-words articles in minutes rather than hours is a big advantage -- especially over competition who don't use it. 🙂

ShortlyAI is Fundamentally Different

Primarily, Shortly is a blank canvas where you can write and ask the AI assistant for copy at the click of a button -- as often as you want, no credits to limit you. While this is a huge advantage over the other AI writing apps -- as you're free to use the AI seamlessly during your writing, whenever you want, as much as you want… there is a cost for every call to OpenAI's GPT-3 AI.

I call this the OpenAI tax -- and as we all know, taxes come due -- and they come collecting. Shortly needs to be careful not to incur more than it can cover.

Other apps like Niche$$$,,, CopySmith, Headlime, etc… force you through a form to get the content you want (not necessarily a bad thing, it's just the way it is) -- slows down the process, meaning less overall calls to GPT-3.

Most also have some sort of credit system preventing you from using the AI as much as you'd like (this is where Niche$$$ really carved itself out some market share by not only having a LTD, but also unlimited generations -- bravo Niche$$$, nice work there).

I Understand the Allure of LTD Though

I understand why you would hope for a LTD for Shortly, that would be an incredible deal for sure -- especially with what's coming soon (and over time after that). But sometimes deals like that can put the long-term success of a business in jeopardy -- especially for small teams who need to focus on product.

But in the end, if you're looking for an AI writing tool that can fit into your workflow seamlessly and help you craft really long-form content (think thousands and thousands of words if needed) -- and really ramp up your productivity -- I hope you consider ShortlyAI, even without a lifetime deal.