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Write a Restaurant Review about FukaGawa TsuriBune in Kokobunji, Tokyo, Japan based on the notes below

Notes: Fantastic little seafood shop with massive servings; great prices; and a quick in-and-out atmosphere. Perfect for an affordable lunch while traveling around Tokyo.

Restaurant Review: FukaGawa TsuriBune is a restaurant that I originally stumbled across while looking for lunch in an area less than a 5-minute walk away from where I was staying. The restaurant is located in Kokobunji, which is pretty far west of where I usually stay in Tokyo, but it is so worth it. When I first walked in, it was pretty empty, as a weekend lunchtime crowd is not exactly the norm in any way. I sat down at a table in the back of the restaurant and ordered some green tea along and ikuradon -- a bowl of rice with heaps of salmon eggs on top. Great for the price and far bigger servings than ever imagined.

It's a small shop so if you are traveling with a large family it might be a tight fit. The prices are very affordable, and the quality is relatively high, so I would strongly recommend it if you are ever in the area.

When you look at the restaurant from outside, it's a pretty bland-looking place, but don't let that fool you as the food is fantastic, and I would go back again in a heartbeat. As they say, looks can be deceiving, and this is an excellent example of that statement.

Write a Restaurant Review about based on the notes below


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