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Write a Product Review about Birdie, a backyard bird feeder with a 360-degree camera based on the notes below

Notes: attractive, sturdy, amazing video quality, remote viewing combine for an incredible product.

Product Review: I have a lot of backyard birds, but I can't help them all with just birdseed. A few years ago, I saw an ad on TV for Birdie the backyard bird feeder and thought it might help me attract more native wild birds to my yard, but I was hesitant to buy it because of the price tag.

After using this bird feeder for a year, I can say that the money was well worth it. With a 360-degree HD camera and remote viewing, I can get clear close-up shots of the kinds of birds that eat from my feeders (the feeding ports bring the birds into camera view).

The camera is also motion-activated, so it doesn't waste battery life or storage space recording when there are no birds in the feeder. 

This combined makes for amazing videos that I watch whenever I'm feeling stressed out from work. It brings me so much joy to be able to enjoy watching birds up close. Bird enthusiasts will treasure this product - the variety of birds I've seen over the year has opened my eyes — and being squirrel proof is fun — the camera often catches their antics too.

From one bird lover to the next, get the Birdie bird feeder. You'll have a magnificent time.

Write a Product Review about based on the notes below


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