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Persuasive Bullets Template

This template will help you come up with persuasive bullets for your product marketing efforts. Ways to show off the benefits of your product/service. Enter your product description and copy the template into your favorite free-form AI writing tool.

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Product Description: Birdie, our revolutionary new backyard bird feeder with a 360 degree HD camera, attractive award-winning design, and is even squirrel-proof

Persuasive Bullets:  

* Quickly attracts all the birds in your area

* Watch all the gorgeous backyard birds from anywhere on your smartphone

* HD 360-degree camera gets you up close and personal with your feathered friends

* Exclusive design will make any backyard pop

* Finally, an easy to use a feeder that can't be toppled by pesky squirrels

Product Description:

Persuasive Bullets:


Note: this template uses an * to denote a list. This is markdown code for a bullet list.