PAS Template

This template will help you marketing copy using the Problem Agitate Solve model (sometimes referred to as Pain Agitate Solve) - or PAS for short. Enter your product/service description and copy the template into your favorite free-form AI writing tool.


Write a PAS for beautifully handmade laptop case/sleeve made in the Nepalese Himalaya. It can be slipped inside your backpack or carried alone with space for all your work bits and pieces! Designed and measured to fit 12" to 15" laptops and with a convenient front pocket for your charger cable and notebook. We can also make you a custom-sized and colored sleeve to fit your laptop/MacBook or tablet. Get in touch for details.

Problem: Laptops are expensive and need looking after! 

Agitate: It's easy to damage your laptop. If you're not careful, it can end up with scratches or a broken screen if you drop it. Protecting it from bumps is important, but so is protecting its data by keeping everything secure in one place.

Solve: This handmade Nepalese laptop sleeve has been handcrafted using locally sourced wool felt which makes it both durable and lightweight enough to carry around easily without adding too much weight to your backpack/bag whilst also being water-resistant - perfect for rainy days! The flap secures over a buttoned section which helps protect against dust getting into places where it shouldn't be as well as providing an extra bit of security when out on the town.

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