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How to Find Topic Ideas Using GPT-3 AI

ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 based AI writing tool... but with some ninjas hacks you can use it to drum up topics to write about in your niche. Here's how: you ask.

ShortlyAI recipe ingredients

These are the prompts I used to create the output. You can copy it to recreate the experiment, but keep in mind it is artificial intelligence — you'll get a different output.

Article brief: "Please give me ideas for topics to write about in Tokyo, Japan."
Title: blank
Lead in: "I find it difficult to think of topics to write about Tokyo."

You can think of Shortly AI as you're writing assistant. So give it instructions with enough context and you'll be surprised at the results you can get. In this video, I demonstrated a few different angles on how you can come up with new ideas to write about for your topic.

Ask your assistant for topics

First, you can start by just asking. That means in the article brief you enter something rather generic about your topic. For instance, "please give me ideas for topics to write about Tokyo, Japan."

Then you just click "write for me," and see what the results are. Depending on your topic you might be satisfied here — quick and easy. But sometimes you'll need to add a little bit more.

Add specifics to help inform ShortlyAI

This is where you should begin adding some extra keywords into your request to get more specific results from the artificial intelligence. Instead of "please give me ideas for topics to write about Tokyo, Japan" — you might ask "please give me a list of dining experiences for a family of six with small children in Tokyo."

This will result in a more specific set of outputs for you something will probably be more useful. But sometimes you need to give it a nudge by adding a little context.

Provide context to give better clues to what you want

When you aren't quite getting what you want from the AI and you've already started adding specifics it's time to kind of give it a nudge. Usually this means starting a sentence but leaving your thought hanging and letting the AI take over.

For example, "here are five things to write about Tokyo." When you ask the AI assistant to right after that prompt, chances are good it'll start writing a list of five things to write about Tokyo.

However, if it does not then you can start a new line with the number 1. to give another hint what you want is a list.

Getting what you want from AI is a skill

Getting what you want from an AI assistant like ShortlyAI is a skill. Results will vary depending on your voice, the keywords you like to use, the topic that you're writing about, and probably 1,000 or more other things.

Take your time to get used to asking your assistant for things in the right ways to get the output you want. Once you gain the skill you'll become very efficient in your writing.