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Conversion.ai’s New Writing Tool vs ShortlyAI’s Blank Canvas

The competition is heating up. Some time ago I called ShortlyAI the "best GPT-3 AI writing tool on the market."

And it is.

Maybe Conversion.ai took that as a challenge. Today showing a sneak peek at their upcoming "big announcement" set to debut March 30, 2021 -- where they show a minimal blank canvas type of writing experience as well.

From what I could see in the sneak peek it was clearly very heavily "trained" to give them exactly the output they wanted to see when it was run -- a marketing trick if you will. But interesting none-the-less.

The team behind Conversion.ai are quite dedicated to the app. It'll be interesting to see how this new feature will compare with ShortlyAI. I think I'll do some live streams comparing the two side-by-side.

Right now this article is news announcing the brawl, but I will update this to show the comparison once Conversion.ai has launched their new feature.

Let the games begin!