Commanding Jasper: Asking For What You Want in Plain Language (Jasper Tutorial)

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Hi there, Chad here for the AI Content Dojo — and in this video, I want to piggyback off the exciting new boss mode features just released by Jasper, formerly Jarvis (formerly Conversion AI), a few short minutes ago.

Dave gave me a few days of early access to get this ready for you.

Until now, the most effective way of crafting content using Jasper was through forms. Sure, you could sparingly use the long-form assistant to write some — but it was a bit too limited in my opinion — mostly due to OpenAI’s rules.

Not anymore.

With the acquisition of ShortlyAI, Jarvis is now capable of much of Shortly’s tricks. Most notably, the ability to command Jasper using plain language.

In other words, you just ask.

Now you’ve probably already seen the announcement by the Jasper team (and if not, check out their webinar recording) — here, in this video, I want to show you some of the capabilities the new Jasper brings to the Jasper community — things the Shortly crew have enjoyed for a few months now.

Stick to the end — the grand finale really showcases the power of Jasper now.

How to Command Jasper

First I need to explain how to command Jasper. To set that up let’s first think about how it was done in ShortlyAI.

In Shortly you would use the instruct command by typing /instruct […] Or highlighting it with the mouse and hitting cmd+enter on the keyboard.

While it is quite easy and very powerful — it’s easier to do in Jasper. Yea, really.

All you have to do is at the end of the sentence is hit cmd+enter (or ctrl+enter on Windows). And yea, that’s it — Jasper will run your command.

Now let’s see what kind of commands those might be.

Plain Language

Oh, before I dive into specific use cases that I think you’ll find interesting — I want to touch on the plain language capability here.

Essentially, what you will be able to do is simply ask Jarvis for things that you want from your content. Such as "write a headline for the above.”

Or perhaps "summarize the above in 155 characters.”

No, Jasper isn't always going to perform everything that you ask perfectly, but the power of this brings gives you tons of room for experimentation. Ways to test theories and come up with interesting commands to speed up your content creation workflow.

And this is where it's time to think about some of those experiments.


I know, you probably won’t need something like this often… but I think it’s a good place to start — as it shows off some of the power under the hood.

Let’s say you’re trying to crafting an interesting acronym for your brand — Jasper can help.

Let’s also say we have the first three words in our acronym, but are stumped for what to use in the last word that would spell out FAST.


We need a word that starts with a T. Let's ask Jasper, he can hook us up.

“Finish the list with a single word starting with a T

Pretty cool right?

Before-After Bridge

The before-after bridge is a copywriting formula. Of course, this is Jasper so you could easily switch in the power mode, jump over to the before-after bridge template, and get the contents that you're looking for.

But now there is another way to get this content — ask: “Write a BAB for the above.”

Yep, it really is that simple. And if you combine it with the context cut-off short code, the three ***, you can use this quite easily right in the middle of your document.

Even if the rest of the document doesn't even match the topic that you're writing the before-after bridge about.

Baby Names

What if you want Jasper to give you some ideas for what to name your new baby?

Yep he can do it. You could ask:

“Give me a list of name ideas for my new baby girl”

Or if you want a name that starts with a certain letter.

“Give me a list of baby names that start with the letter C”

Or here's where it starts getting really interesting — if you want names from a specific nationality and starts with a certain letter.

“Give me a list of Indian baby girl names that start with the letter S”

Jasper is happy to oblige.

Write a Letter to a Friend

Need a quick letter? Or possibly the start to an email?

Just ask Jasper.

“Write a letter to a friend about wanting the new Apple product coming out in November”

Pretty easy.

Okay, let’s make this next one the grand finale.

A Blog Post

For this, imagine what a blog post is made of. A simple post would be an introduction to the topic you’re about to cover.

Next you might have an outline to guide you through what you’ll write about.

Then a conclusion at the end to cap it off.

Let’s see how Jasper can now make this so easy and fast. Let’s use this “template” of commands:

“Write an introduction to dining in Tokyo on a budget”

“Write an outline about five tips on dining in Tokyo cheaply”

“Write a conclusion to the above”

As you can see this will be a blog post about dining in Tokyo on a budget. Let’s see how this goes.

First, we’ll get an introduction. Then the outline. In the case of the outline, we may need to hit compose a couple of times to get the full outline out. Then let’s get to a conclusion. You can go back to fill in the content within each section of the outline later.

Pretty cool right!? This is a very fast workflow.

But there are some caveats to this. You’re the writer. Jasper is your AI assistant. Please use this wisely. Keep your reader in mind when you’re finishing your content.

Don’t just blast through content to get content done. Create with a purpose, serve your reader — give them what they need based on what they searched in Google — the very reason they are even reading your content.

Do that, and you’ll be very successful with this workflow going forward.

Experiment & Compendium

Okay, one last thing before I end this video. With this new capability in Jasper there’s an almost unlimited amount of capability here. It’s up to your imagination now.

I maintain a compendium of interesting use cases over on the AI Content Dojo website. Where members of the AI Content Dojo FB group and I experiment and share our interesting finds.

If you find a really cool way to command Jarvis — please share. I’d love to add it to the compendium for everyone to learn from.

And that’s it from this tutorial. Thanks for staying this long. If you’re not a Jarvis user and would like to subscribe — please use the link in the description below.

The Jasper team will give me a small commission to support the dojo at no extra cost to you. I’d really appreciate it.

And until next time, take care.