Should I Use AI Tools to Write Articles?

I get this a lot… especially ever since I dove headfirst into the world of using AI to assist in the writing process (and others have learned I'm writing a book on the subject).

"Let me know if this is a good idea. What do you think? Should I use AI tools to write articles?"

I think so as long as you're aware it is a tool.

Let's say these would be articles have no specific angle but are instead just written about whatever thoughts one happens to have. It would be like a technical/online business diary of sorts.

One could run their ideas through an artificial intelligence program that would develop the article's structure based on a set of parameters and clues given by the author. They'd give it their ideas, and it would immediately spit out paragraphs of content to review.

The article would be a combination of the author's thoughts and structure plus the AI program's automatically generated content. It would create what it thinks the author thinks is valuable.

To test the idea, one could choose a type of article with many potential angles to run it through the AI tools without worrying about how particular the result may turn out.

Then edit it, or maybe have a template for all future articles that would be basically ready to go. One could get these articles done in a fraction of the time it takes normally; output would probably increase tenfold.

In fact, I use this method to some degree (and it is literally what my upcoming book is about, titled "An Efficient Workflow: From Nothing to Beautiful, Perfectly SEO Optimized Articles Using AI Tools").

With this method, I could easily produce at least 3 – 4 articles per day of maybe 500 words each. Each one would probably take about 15-30 minutes to create, depending on how much I wanted to edit and polish the article while publishing.

What is lost when using AI tools is human emotion and creativity. Sometimes referred to as the soul of an article, the article can be lifeless without this quality. Readers can tell when a writer has no passion for their writing.

A writer who is not passionate about what they write won't write well or in-depth. They will write surface-level fluff and may not even fully understand what they are trying to say.

When writing with AI tools, more creative input by an actual human is needed, and I believe the writing quality could suffer greatly if the writer isn't willing to take the time to add their own flair.

So yes, this is possible, and if one wants to they should try AI tools to aid their writing… but I think any writer should be careful about how committed they are to their writing before taking this kind of approach.

If you want to avoid writing articles like a machine, then you should think of the AI tool an extension of yourself, a tool to help write parts of your article that reflect your own beliefs.

Don't let the AI do all the writing. Use it as a guide, not an end product.

What is your favorite AI tool?

I love ShortlyAI for writing. Frase and Nichesss are great too. What's another AI tool you enjoy?

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