The dojo — for learning about AI content workflow, is free!

When you need tailored help for your workflows, You get to try completely risk-free. No credit card. No down payment.

$300? $80? $120?

The price is up to you, and you don't pay until the end. I am taking all the risk so you don't have to.

When the consult is done, you'll get a link to pay what you feel it was worth to you: the value you received and the benefit it has on your business or endeavors.

Yea, you could totally stiff me and get away scot-free. Please don't, I have to feed my elderly cats*, pay crazy rent prices in Tokyo, and enjoy life. ❤️+✌️

If you honestly feel the feedback and advice I provided you was worth nothing -- first, I apologize. Second, go ahead and stiff me. I'd rather you keep your money than feel remorse for not getting what you paid for.

* They're these really sweet duo... one a Maine Coon, the other a Japanese street cat we rescued. Their food is a special diet due to their age and wow -- it's expensive. Then their monthly vet visits... they really start to add up. But like I said, they're sweet and totally worth it. So I really appreciate your generosity when deciding what the consult was worth to you. Thank you! (and yea, I guess you could call this the fine print. 🙂

The Average

On average the amount others have paid is $93. The largest payment was $300. The smallest was $15.

I've only been stiffed once so far.