Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I'm Chad.

Oh, that's probably not what you meant. How about this?

I'm someone who will actually listen to you and give you real, honest feedback through a technique I developed based on asking just the right questions to spur your thinking.

I'm the generous critic.

I won't sugar coat the feedback, shower you with platitudes, or tell you how nice I think your current workflow is. I won't be an A-hole either.

Actually, I won't judge your workflow at all. I will offer you advice based on my experience using AI content tools and how they can augment your workflow.

What about privacy & security?

Good looking out. Can never be too careful. However, there’s nothing to worry about. I am a top-notch cybersecurity expert with a CISSP certification and have thought about this ahead of time.

I currently use Hey for Work for our entire conversation. Then conversations will be safely archived within Hey. They take all the important security and privacy factors seriously.

And you can see the privacy policy and terms of service for more legalese, in-depth, information.

Why do you only accept five help requests per day?

My sanity? I am just one person and while it is amazing helping others focus on their content workflows and improve their chances of success -- I don't have time to add more per day.

Plus I have other projects I'm slow-burning myself and hope to launch some day.

I also don't want to spread myself so thin I don't give each and every client, and their workflows, the attention they deserve.

Then there is the day-to-day life (in Japan), my wife, my cats, my dog... video games, the new M1 Mac Mini, Apple TV, and all sorts of things vying for what little precious free time I have in a day.

Probably just like you.