Edit Your AI-Assisted Article Using Grammarly

Grammarly is so good it practically does all the editing for you. You can use it in two ways.

The first is to use the browser extension to edit right inside the Frase editor. The other way is to go to grammarly.com and start a new document. Paste your article into Grammarly, and run edits there.

Personally I copy the article into Grammarly.com because I sometimes write the same article from multiple devices. From an iPad, for instance, where the Grammarly browser extension doesn't work.

Resolve all the issues found

Either way you decide to use Grammarly Premium, the important part is to resolve all the issues it checks for you. These are spelling, punctuation, and of course, grammar errors. Those will make your article's language more technically correct.

But the real power is in the clarity section. Here is where Grammarly Premium will make your content clearer, more comfortable to read, and more concise; necessary for a human reader. It's vital to clean up the AI-generated text because it tends to be overly wordy sometimes.

Pay attention to the fixes

While Grammarly is amazing and exceptionally efficient, there are times when it makes mistakes too. Pay attention when making the fixes it recommends. Some will change the meaning of your sentences.

Grammarly does have a feature where you can choose to resolve multiple issues at once. If you decide to use this make sure to proof-read your article once before you consider editing done.

Once Grammarly says you're good to go, do a quick plagiarism check to make sure the AI didn't steal someone else's content for you. If that passes, there are couple more things to consider.

Fact-Check the AI Content

  1. If the AI mentioned a statistic, check it. Sometimes it makes up its own statistics, much like a human might.
  2. If the AI mentioned a person, check it. Make sure the person matches the context of your article.

Once everything checks out, it's go time. Copy your article and head over to your WordPress website.