AI Writing Tools: What to Expect & Will Google Rank It?

YouTube video

In my new book, Persona SEO, I discuss the idea that these AI writing tools will bring a flood of mediocre content to the market. This is content like I describe in the video… where the “writer” just lets the AI craft nearly the entire article and they consider it done. There will be a ton of this type of content coming.

Personally, I’m not worried about it. It doesn’t take the reader into account and make sure the content really resonates with them. Do this and you remain relevant — and your content can rank in Google.

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In this video:

  • You hear “Writes for you! It crushes writer's block! Entire blog posts in minutes!”
  • Set expectations for AI writing tools
  • Won’t write well for you - it augments your writing
  • Needs guidance and direction
    • Comes from research and prep
  • The content is yours, but it has a purpose
    • Make sure it serves its purpose
    • Be of service
  • Will Google rank AI written content?
    • No, but yes
    • Quality line is high
    • Will be lots more ignored content
  • Don’t waste your time