GPT-3 AI Writing for Marketers: Creating Ad Copy with AI

Marketers! I know you need copy; lots of copy. Writing is likely to slowest, most expensive time spent in your business and you want to squeeze that last micro-percent of conversion rate out of your websites. You love to automate anything you can, but writing is still either done manually or through a mix of writing services collaborating in Google Docs.

Let's use AI instead; ShortlyAI to be precise because it's the best on the market today. It will bring you content writing superpowers. But at first glance, it appears to be a normal writing tool — how do you get ad copy out of it?

Other tools make you jump through a series of forms, guide you with prompts aimed at helping the AI write what you want. With ShortlyAI you simply ask.

YouTube video

How to get ad copy from ShortlyAI

These are the prompts I used in the video. You can copy it to recreate the experiment, but keep in mind it is artificial intelligence — you’ll get a different output.

  1. Article brief: blank
  2. Title: blank
  3. Lead-in: "please write for me some ad copy about our ladies shoes with a suede upper, padded soles, and durable outer; comfortable in jeans, and available in a variety of colors."

🚀 Be as detailed as you can in the lead-in and you will get more focused, varied, and effective ad copy in return.

The magic is in the context

Here is the secret sauce to this technique. The way ShortlyAI handles context is to start from the line where your cursor is and use everything above it. Note: context is what it uses to prompt the AI to return what you want.

In the video, you saw it in action, but this is what gives you the ability to create more and more and more… as much ad copy as you want by going back to the request at the top of the document.

You'll have to edit it for your needs

Sometimes the copy will turn out close to what you wanted, some not so much. I would say 90% of the time you'll need to make minor changes. This isn't a ShortlyAI thing... this across all the AI tools. It's just how things are right now in the AI space.

It's primarily because AI at this stage isn't good at connecting the dots between industries, and isn't particularly good with create use of the language. Something ad copy flexes.

Sometimes it will give you ideas

I mentioned it in the video briefly but I think it warrants a whole section. When generating ad copy you'll sometimes be pleasantly surprised by the output, even if it wasn't what thought you had in mind for your product.

It could be a whole new angle you hadn't thought of. Or maybe a way to reach an audience you previously didn't know how to reach. The point is, pay attention and be ready for it. Harness this and improve your ads with a little serendipity.