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Give & You Shall Receive

When you choose to support the AI Content Dojo you’re empowering the development of future content helping everyone make the most of AI in content creation. 

I want to offer you far more value in return. Become a pro ninja and you’ll immediately unlock exclusive access to the Pro Dojo with perks normal people don’t even see; for just $9 per month.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I'm trying to remember an easier decision I have ever made than subscribing to the Pro Dojo and supporting Chad. Not coming up with anything…" —Keith Gillespie

Optimized & Tested "Done For You" AI Templates

There are AI templates, then there are Pro Dojo enhanced AI templates.

The pro ninja enhanced AI templates have extra training samples -- better training means better results for your writing needs; for every template now, and in the future.

Plus every AI template is individually tested and optimized to produce incredible results in the major free-form writing apps: Frase, ShortlyAI, and Jarvis.

All done for you to save you time; ready when you need them.

Time-Saving Productivity Tools

Gain access to online apps designed specifically to help pro ninjas like you get more done, faster. 

One tool “shreds” a paragraph, preparing it to lead AI writing tools. Perfect for expanding upon a section of content quickly. You have to see it in action to believe it.

Another will prepare a list of questions, no matter how many questions you have, into leads ready to be answered in your favorite AI writing tool. Craft entire FAQ pages in a breeze (or just answer a lot of questions really fast).

New! Exclusive Courses

Unlock access to courses only available to pro ninjas. This new perk gives you lessons helping you make the most of AI writing tools, and more.

Start out by learning how to Write With AI, where I cover things such as:

  • Being the Writer
  • Plagiarism
  • Context
  • Templates, Commands, and Leads
  • Seeding the AI
  • And more...

Contextual Advice & Tips

Hidden throughout the guides in the Pro Dojo are added tips and advice -- intended to help you understand a concept better, or give you insights into interesting ways to use AI.

Or even third-party resources I think are perfect to help you learn something in a given situation.

Persona SEO Discount

Pro ninjas get a $9 discount on my book, Persona SEO -- $18 off the book + video bundle. This is the only way to get discounts on the book; there are no coupons.

You’ll also get discounts off future books I publish in the dojo..

Future Updates

Of course you get all future updates to the Pro Dojo. Whenever I add new AI templates they’ll have a pro ninja enhanced version for you. When I add new guides I’ll sneak in some extras for you.

Or when I create new tools you’ll get immediate access.

Heck, even as I come up with new ideas for the Pro Dojo that aren’t a part of it now -- you’ll get those too!

Safe, Ad-Free Experience; Forever

Pro ninjas enjoy a completely ad-free experience and we commit to never selling your information to anyone; ever.

Locked-In Pricing

When you sign up today, you'll lock-in this price forever, even after the price for access to Pro Dojo goes up.

Respect 礼(禮) & Honor 名誉

The Japanese take great pride in respect and honor. Having manners, gratitude, and mutual dignity for yourself and others.  Being worthy of honor; earned respect. Doing the right thing even when it’s difficult to do.

Becoming a pro ninja means we respect and honor each other. You support the dojo, I bring you great value in return -- and we grow to support others so that we all may accomplish our goals.


As a Cybersecurity expert, I've been involved in studying artificial intelligence as a way to protect against attacks. But then OpenAI released GPT-3, an AI language model that powers many of the AI writing tools you see today -- such as ShortlyAI and Jarvis.

I dove right in headfirst and never looked back. As I noticed many asking the same questions over and over I decided to start this dojo (and the YouTube channel). Things took off from there.

Over the last few months I've helped thousands make better use of AI writing tools to craft fantastic content for their blogs, company sites, e-commerce stores... even advertising. I've even published a book (the one you'll get a discount on)!

It's been a wild ride -- one I share in the AI Content Dojo Facebook group. Where we hang out and discuss what a crazy time we live in with these magical tools at our disposal.

The Pro Dojo is my way to carve out a special place in the dojo just for you. Where I can share more in-depth advice, tips, AI templates, courses, tools, and more. All to help you make even better, more productive, use of these incredible AI writing tools.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the Pro Dojo.

--Chad Thiele, Founder/Sensei
AI Content Dojo